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Oops! I Thought I was a

                           Four-Pt Calvinist

by Robert Congdon

Whether we realize it or not, every time we read the Bible or listen to a biblical message, our understanding is influenced by the particular system of theology we hold. Believing there were only two systems of theology to choose from within fundamental, conservative Christianity, I chose Calvinism over Arminianism because I was (and still am) firmly convinced that the Scriptures support eternal security of the believer. For many years I trusted the system called Four-Point Calvinism because I thought I knew what Calvin meant by each point and I agreed with all but the “L” (Limited Atonement) of the acrostic, “TULIP,” which represents Calvinism’s five main points.

Because New Calvinism has re-invigorated the teachings of traditional Calvinism and is sweeping throughout Christianity today, dividing Christians and influencing what is taught in churches, seminaries, and schools, I decided to look more deeply into the definitions of the four points. After inductively studying the Bible's teaching on human depravity, election, grace, and perseverance and then comparinging my conclusions with Calvin's teaching, I concluded that I could no longer call myself a four-point Calvinist, for his five points did not agree with what my study had revealed to me.

This book offers a system of theology that I simply call “Biblicism” because I believe it harmonizes with the Scriptures and enables the reader to properly understand God’s purpose and plan for man's redemption, earth's history and eternity.                                                                                             

(84 pages)

New Calvinism's Upside-Down Gospel

by Robert Congdon

“Why should I care about New Calvinism?” This will be an eye-opening study into one of the deeper and darker teachings of New Calvinism, a side often missed by other studies. It clearly will reveal whose gospel is truly “upside-down” and who has inverted it.

(30 pages)

How New Calvinism Serves Satan's


by Robert Congdon

Are we living in the latter days? This is an earnest question that Christians have been asking for centuries. What is prompting the increased interest in the answer to this question today? Put simply, serious believers are observing and witnessing significant changes in Christianity and the world around them: church attendance is declining along with holy living and commitment in those claiming to be Christians. The Christian voice is no longer influencing our world and culture, and believers are experiencing increased persecution and vilification. Additionally, the geopolitical scene is rapidly changing, suggesting that fulfillment of end-time prophecies may be just over the horizon.

In this transcript of a message delivered at the 2014 Grace Conference in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Dr. Congdon carefully outlines and uncovers the strategies that Satan is using to "set the stage" for his world-wide religion and government that will be established during the Tribulation. He also explains how the New Calvinist movement may be a part of Satan's plan as he uses earnest individuals to unwittingly spread it throughout Christendom.

Dr. Congdon discusses three forms or divisions within the New Calvinist movement that enable its basic doctrines to be accepted within a wide spectrum of Christianity: Neo-Puritans, Contemporary New Calvinists, and Neo-Calvinists.  This message will give you biblical insight in these challenging days of the Church so that you may effectively contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints.

(36 pages) 

An Alternative View of Election

by Robert Congdon

This study offers a distinctly different perspective on election and how it relates to God’s purposes for creation and His ultimate goal for history. It offers a biblically sound explanation to the part election plays in His divine purpose while maintaining each individuals’s free will and responsibility toward God. When properly understood, this alternative view makes election a doctrine that can be taught with joy and hope for all.

 (40 pages)


New Calvinism and the

   Millennial Generation: The Perfect


by Robert Congdon

This booklet describes the convergence of factors that is bringing a "perfect storm" to our churches along with dramatic change or even spiritual destruction.

After describing the characteristics of the Millennial Generation (Generation "Y") as well as factors influencing and motivating these young adults, Dr. Congdon explains how Satan is using this generation as the perfect catalyst to bring false, New Calvinist teaching and purpose-altering changes into our churches.

Biblically sound preventive measures and suggestions are offered to help churches  successfully weather the storm or avoid it altogether. How to  successfully “connect” with individuals of this  Generation in order to lead them to Christ and help them grow in the Lord is also addressed, for Millennials have much to offer the body of Christ when they are guided and grounded on biblical principles.

(30 pages)

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