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Ever since my book on the European Union was published, I have continued to speak of events that are progressively moving nations toward the final, restored Roman Empire prophesied by Daniel (chapter 7). In Europe today, there is growing concern among nations over the shift from national sovereignty toward the globalist government of the EU. This unity that promotes the EU's open border policy and uncontrolled immigration are the primary reasons that recent national elections have favored conservative, nationalistic candidates.  In this newsletter, I want to look at this issue in light of the Brexit vote.

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This video is the second in a 13-part study of Ephesians 6:10-20. This is an in-depth Bible study of how the modern Christian must be equipped to deal with a changing world that does not include Christian influences and culture.

In this class, John explains the two natures of the believer: old and new nature.

This will be very helpful to understand the tensions between these natures and how, biblically to deal with them.

We believe you will find this series clear, concise, and powerful as you study God's Word.

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NATO Steps into North Korean Crisis

Is NATO seeking to become the global military of a reformed Roman Empire?

This news article could be the first step.

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Recognizing the decline of Christian influence in our world and the consequent decline of our churches, this series will help you to understand why this is happening, how do you find a solid biblical church, how to study your Bible correctly, how to truly have God speak to you, to your family, and to your church.

We believe this series is vitally needed during the "sunset of the church and the dawn of the Post-Christian world." Please pray for this new production.


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